Everyone will consider buying a property at some stage of their lives.

But when you do, which products and services will you need?

You may choose to talk to your Bank, but they can only offer their own products and services so this will only give you limited products and it may even be that your requirements do not fit your Bank?s criteria.

You may decide to pop in to other high street Banks and Building Societies but again you will be limited to their products and services.

You could even search for a mortgage via the internet, but some sites again only provide comparisons amongst certain lenders.

And also don't forget that all of the above will take a considerable amount of time from your schedule.

The mortgage market is now a complex place, the changes that are happening daily, combined with the provision of information via internet technology and the competition amongst lenders has resulted in a wealth of choice for you.

The role of a Mortgage Adviser is now more important that at any time before, aiming to ensure you are helped to make the right choice from the many different lenders and products available in the marketplace.

So why not let an expert do the job for you, by saving you time with the aim of ensuring you receive the best possible mortgage and advice!

And in particular who are you able to trust to give you the correct advice in what can be a complex market?
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Bank of England Base Rate is 0.5% (last updated 10/02/11)- next update due 10/03/11

Thank you very much for helping us with our mortgage and insurances. It really is much appreciated, we could not have done it without you!

Miss B & Mr T - Wallington

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24th October 2019

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